Wet Basement? – 4 Common Ways Water Can Get Into Your Home

One of the biggest challenges we face during storms and unpredictable weather patterns here in Ontario is keeping our basement dry. Generally, in many cases, we end up dealing with the after affects of a damp, moist, and a wet leaky basement. If proactive measures are taken, health risks, loss, home damages, and wet leaky basements can be avoided.

The waterproofers at ACCL Waterproofing know It’s not always easy determining the source of water or what the problem may be. In this article we will go over the 4 most common ways water can get into your home.

4 Ways water can get into your home:

1.Cracks on foundation walls or floors

When you have cracks in your foundation walls and floors it can lead to access moisture and condensation. Cracks in your foundation occurs when buildings and homes begin to settle and age causing foundation shifts, water seepage, and basement floods. If you are a homeowner and notice the signs of foundation cracks inside or outside your property its essential to repair the cracks as soon as possible to avoid water leakage resulting in a wet damp basement. – For more information on foundation cracks CLICK HERE 

wet basement foundation crack

2. Windows and Window Wells

Without proper protection your windows could be one of the reasons your basement is flooding, leaking, or seeping water. Since window wells are located below ground level they can accumulate debris, water, plants, and dirt. During winter thaws, summer rains, and storms your window wells can fill up with water, if there is any cracks or openings near the window your basement will be flooded. Proper window well and window maintenance is essential to the protection of basement leaks and floods. – For more information on window wells and if your property should have one  CLICK HERE

wet basement window well

3.  Gutters and Downspouts

Gutters and downspouts direct melting snow and rain water off the roof into areas away from your foundation. Overtime excessive buildup of debris and leaves can cause rainwater to be unable to flow freely. This can cause a wet leaky basement and problems with your roof. Downspouts should be at least 5 feet away from your home if your downspout is to close to your home water can pool around the foundation. Causing hydrostatic pressure leading to basement flooding. By ensuring your gutters are never clogged, corroded, and your downspout is functioning properly will help prevent a wet leaky basement. – Not sure how to clean your gutters? CLICK HERE

4. Ineffective Grading/ Landscape

If the grading around your foundation is ineffective it will cause the rain or groundwater to make its way into your basement. The grade around your foundation should slope away from the house, not towards it to keep rainfall from collecting and pooling against foundation walls. Pay special attention to any pools of water close to your foundationCLICK HERE for tips on how to prevent basement floods.

What to do if you find a problem?

If you see any type of water, moisture, condensation, or cracks you should get it checked out right away before any damages get worse. Dealing with a wet basement is a troublesome situation for homeowners. Not only does having a wet basement cause stress on homeowners it also reduces the worth of your property. Finding the source of the water can be a critical role in prevention. Ensure you pay a close attention to pools of water close too your foundation, cracks, gutters, downspouts and windows.

If you do nothing to prevent water from getting into your home the outcome could be:

  • Water damage
  • Clogged drains
  • Mold and mildew
  • Warped floorboards
  • Contaminated drinking water
  • Diseases
  • Structure displacements

Remediate any damage that has occurred:

Mop up any water so no mould can form

Dry or replace any material that is wet when you assess structural damage.

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