Under Deck Waterproofing & Basement Leaks

Under deck waterproofing

The purpose of under-deck waterproofing is to turn the previously unusable area under your deck into a liveable area. In so doing, not only can you use the top of the deck, but the underside can also be turned into useable space. There are two main options for under-deck waterproofing systems.

Under-deck waterproofing systems usually create a metal or plastic barrier under a deck so that the area under the deck stays dry. This area may come in the form of a patio or enclosed porch.


Basement leaks

The best solution to basement leaks is prevention. That’s why a strategy of basement foundation waterproofing makes so much sense in order to prevent such a wet basement disaster.

Basement & Foundation drainage systems, which are installed properly, can serve a dual role. Foundation drain tile systems popularly known as weeping tile, are the means by which groundwater can be transported away from your basement, into city storm drain system, sump pit with sump pump, or gravity drainage also known as French drain, any one of these drainage system ultimately helps in preventing water leaks into your basement.

If you want a dry basement and a sound waterproofed foundation, you must have an adequate basement foundation drainage system. The water content in the soil surrounding your house can fluctuate seasonally, depending on the water table, or rainfall. There is always a point at which you can dig the ground and hit water. Geologists often refer to this as the water table. This water table rises and falls in response to the amount of precipitation in any given time period.