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Good Indoor air quality? – why it’s important

Good Indoor air quality? – why it’s important You might think that outdoor air is the only air that can be polluted/make you sick. What many people don’t realize is that indoor air can be just as unhealthy, in fact humans spend about 80% of their days inside whether they are at work, or at […]

Waterproofing vs Dampproofing

Waterproofing refers to techniques or materials used to help prevent water from penetrating the basement of a house or a building. Waterproofing a basement that is below ground level involves the application of materials and sealants and the installation of drains and possibly a sump pump to collect, remove, or redirect water away from the [&hellip

Steps to take when you have a wet Basement

When people buy a home they are responsible for keeping it well maintained. If a family notices they always have a wet basement, damp basement, or even basement foundation crack, weather leaking or not yet leaking. Home owners need to make sure they do something about it. In order to fix the problem of a […]

Toronto Waterproofing

www.acclwaterproofing.com. 416-619-5355, 905-448-5909, 1-866-701-8484 We offer one year payment plan OAC.   Toronto Waterproofing   To properly waterproof your basement, you need a solution that is specifically designed for your home and its situation.     So how do you know what it will take to properly waterproof your basement? Co

www.acclwaterproofing.com. 416-619-5355, 905-448-5909, 1-866-701-8484 ACCL Waterproofing serves Greater Toronto GTA, and the surrounding area. ACCL Fix wet basements,  Its strong combination of wet basement waterproofing and mould remediation expertise, packaged with the integration and utilization of today’s most advanced waterproofing mate