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IS BASEMENT PARGING THE SAME AS WATERPROOFING? What Is Parging? Basement parging is the coating applied to the visible above-grade portion of your home’s foundation walls. Often parging is seen as an added decoration that completes the look of a home’s exterior or interior by hiding surface imperfections and marks. However, most homeowners tend

Crawlspace Waterproofing

An underground crawl space is a type of basement in which one cannot stand up and the surface is often soil. It is typically small enough that you need to actually crawl into it, hence the name. Crawl spaces offer a convenient access to pipes, substructures and a variety of other areas that may be […]

Window Wells

Window wells are small semi-circular corrugated steel or plastic “wall” structures positioned outside basement windows that allow more light to enter and keep soil and water away from window.  Some window wells also allow you to climb out the basement window in an emergency.  They are usually a few feet or a meter deep and […]

Basement Foundation waterproofing options

Basement waterproofing options Waterproofing the exterior of a foundation completely eliminates water and moisture penetration through the walls into a basement. For a basement to be absolutely waterproof, it needs to have wet basement waterproofing protection from sub-surface water for all of the below-grade foundation walls, sometimes this may al

Waterproof Concrete Repair, & Foundation Repair Contractor

www.acclwaterproofing.com. 416-619-5355, 905-448-5909, 1-866-701-8484 We offer one year payment plan OAC.   Waterproof concrete repair   Whether your home has sunk just a few inches or nearly a foot, a concrete floor and foundation repair contactor can provide relief. It may mean underpinning to repair your failed foundation.   If you su