Steps to take when you have a wet Basement

When people buy a home they are responsible for keeping it well maintained. If a family notices they always have a wet basement, damp basement, or even basement foundation crack, weather leaking or not yet leaking. Home owners need to make sure they do something about it.

In order to fix the problem of a wet basement, a homeowner will have to take several steps. It is important to do these things the right way or the problem will continue to exist. The first step is to find the source of the water. A person can get water in their basement from many different sources. It could be a leaky pipe. The homeowner should check any of the water lines in the basement and see if they can spot any leaks. Leaks are often found where hoses and other things are connected to the water source.

Wet basement waterproofing

The water can also be coming from the pipes that are behind the walls. This is a more serious problem that will require the help of a professional waterproofing contractor, to determine the cause and to find a way to fix the leak.

It is also possible that the water may be coming into the home from the outside. There is almost, always moisture in the ground around a home. If the home is not placed on the property so that the water drains away from the home, it can be a serious issue. Most home foundations are made with concrete. Concrete is a porous material. If the water from the outside drains towards the home, it will end up with a homeowner having a wet basement or moisture in the basement.

Once a person has found the source of the wet basement, they can start to figure out what to do about it. If the water comes from a leaky pipe, they can have a plumber come in and replace the leaky pipes. If the water is a result of an appliance such as a washing machine or a hot water heater, that appliance may need to be replaced.

When the water is coming through the foundation from the outside, a company that specializes in waterproofing foundations and concrete structures will need to be called in. They can seal up the concrete and make sure the water drains away from the home to make sure the water does not get into the basement.

Once a person has found a solution to the wet basement problem, they will need to re-mediate any damage that has occurred. The water in the basement needs to be dried up or a person could end up dealing with mold issues. Water can also cause structural damage to a home. Any material that has been damaged by water will have to be either replaced or cleaned in a way to retard mold growth.
Water in a basement is not something a homeowner should ignore. It is a sign of a possibly much larger problem. It would be a good idea for a homeowner that has a wet basement to take the necessary steps to fix the problem.