Working with Concrete

Working with Concrete

Concrete is key when it comes to foundations. A well-designed foundation is the key to the stability, safety and durability of any building. Solid soil is just as important as the footings and foundation that lie upon it. It’s a good idea to have an engineer examine the load-bearing quality of the soil you are […]

Crawlspace Waterproofing

An underground crawl space is a type of basement in which one cannot stand up and the surface is often soil. It is typically small enough that you need to actually crawl into it, hence the name. Crawl spaces offer a convenient access to pipes, substructures and a variety of other areas that may be […]

Crack Repair

Cracks in concrete walls are not unusual, they can be found in almost all residential foundations. They are often caused by construction, accidents, settling of the house, uneven moisture around foundation, poor drainage, hydrostatic water pressure or just a natural expansion and contraction caused by fluctuating temperatures. Most of these cracks

Window Wells

Window wells are small semi-circular corrugated steel or plastic “wall” structures positioned outside basement windows that allow more light to enter and keep soil and water away from window.  Some window wells also allow you to climb out the basement window in an emergency.  They are usually a few feet or a meter deep and […]

Under-deck drainage systems

If your deck is on an upper level, you may want to consider installing a dry under-deck drainage system. This drainage system shields the area below the deck from rain and snow and directs rainwater out to the deck’s perimeter and into gutters or a downspout. Having one of these drainage systems installed allows you […]