Water Damage – The Signs to Look For

Water Damage – The Signs to Look For

Discovering water damage in a home can be a tricky thing, especially in the basement or crawlspace.  It is not easily visible and is often not discovered until a simple repair is not an option.  In most cases, it takes years for any signs of development.  There is good news though.  If you know what […]

Wet Basement – What Do I Need to Do?

There are many different problems that homeowners will run into with their home.  Some of those problems can often be quite serious and require more attention than others.  If you or someone else notices that you always have a wet basement than there is definitely something wrong. In order to fix the problem of a wet basement, there are seve

Sump Pump – What is it and how does it work?

There are a fair number of options you can take when dealing with a wet basement.  One of the best options for homeowners and commercial properties operators to utilize and prevent water damage is by installing a sump pump. Heavy duty pumps must be installed in a sealed sump pit.  You want the pump to be strategically positioned in the ba

Moisture in basements

Moisture (humidity) in basements is a very common problem but it is not always treated in the right manner. Basements that are used as living or bedroom spaces, moisture problems can not only become annoying but pose a serious threat to one’s health.  That’s why it is of up-most importance to deal with any moisture […]

Waterproofing in Winter

It is often asked if basement waterproofing can be done in Winter? Some may be tempted to leave their waterproofing for Spring considering the harsh Canadian winters. But putting of waterproofing until later on, in hindsight may not be such a good idea as it can cause more damage to the foundation of your home. […]