Wet Basement – What Do I Need to Do?

Wet Basement – What Do I Need to Do?

There are many different problems that homeowners will run into with their home.  Some of those problems can often be quite serious and require more attention than others.  If you or someone else notices that you always have a wet basement than there is definitely something wrong. In order to fix the problem of a wet basement, there are seve

Crawl Space Waterproofing – The Miniature Basement

A crawl space is a type of basement in which one cannot stand up and the surface is often soil.  It is typically small enough that you need to actually crawl into it, hence the name.  These miniature basements offer a convenient access to pipes, substructures and a variety of other areas that may be […]

Humidity (Moisture) in Basements

Humidity in basements is a very common problem.  The danger arises as a result of not being handled in the right manner.  Moisture problems can not only become annoying but pose a serious threat to one’s health.  That’s why it is of utmost importance to deal with any moisture problems before finishing a basement. Knowing […]

The Differences Between Wateproofing & Damp-proofing

Waterproofing or damp-proofing?  I know what you are probably thinking.  “Are they not one in the same?”  The answer surprisingly is no.  The application of materials and sealants is actually somewhat different. What is Damp-proofing? The damp-proofing process keeps out soil moisture, while waterproofing keeps out moisture in addit

Waterproofing Professionals – Why You Should Choose ACCL

When it comes to a wet or leaky basement, you want waterproofing professionals to tackle the job.  Having said that, you are probably thinking “What does ACCL provide that the competition does not?” The difference between us and other companies starts with our installers and ends with the materials we utilize.  ACCL Waterproofing Sy