Basement leaks

Basement leaks

The best solution to basement leaks is prevention. That’s why a strategy of waterproofing makes so much sense in order to prevent such a disaster. Foundation drainage systems, which are installed properly, can serve a dual role. Foundation drain tile systems are the means by which groundwater can be transported away from your basement, preven

Under Deck Waterproofing

The purpose of under-deck waterproofing is to turn the previously un-useable area under your deck into a liveable area. In so doing, not only can you use the top of the deck, but the underside can also be turned into useable space. There are two main options for under-deck waterproofing systems. Under-deck waterproofing systems usually […]

Steps To Take When You Have A Wet Basement

When people buy a home they are responsible for keeping it well maintained. There are many different problems that homeowners will run into with their home. Some of the problems that happen in a home require more attention than others. If a family notices they always have a wet basement than they need to make […]

Disabled person Wheelchair Assessable Ramps.

Wheelchair Assessable Ramps. Wheel chair ramp┬ácan be used to overcome changes in level, either on the inside or outside of a home or commercial building. Sometimes a ramp is rarely used as an alternative to using stairs, primarily when the difference in height is very low. Ramps are suitable for people who are disabled and/or […]