Concrete Waterproof Sealer

Concrete Waterproof Sealer

ACCL Waterproofing Systems, Ontario Basement Technologies and Mould Removal Corp. will eliminate all your wet basement related problems, large or small. We recommend what is necessary to solve your wet basement problem permanently, using the most effective concrete waterproof sealer. Whether you have water coming through your basement walls, floor,

Waterproof Materials

Waterproofing is only as good as the materials used to accomplish it, and will only last as long as the materials applied. Waterproofing is exactly what the name implies, if it is not waterproof it is subject to deterioration, and if non-deteriorative materials are not utilized it is a temporary fix at best. Waterproofing your […]

Waterproof Coating

Today, homes are built with professional basement waterproofing. But if you own a home that is over 30 years old, it’s important to know how to prevent a wet basement. If your home is not fully protected from water leakage, you can be in for some major problems including musty mould, mildew, rust, unpleasant odours, […]

Concrete Foundations

The important difference is in the materials used to waterproof the concrete foundation. Most companies are using the same sealant that was being used 20 years ago – tar. ACCL waterproofing systems utilizes today’s most advanced waterproofing materials to apply a superior multi-layer foundation seal that permanently eliminates water and

Waterproofing Walls

Basement leaks happen too often. If you are a homeowner and haven’t had to deal with a leaking basement, you should consider yourself lucky. Even in the best built homes, cracks in basement and foundation walls will eventually form. There is moisture in the soil outside your basement walls. Some homes are built over very […]