Foundation Walls

Foundation Walls

ACCL Waterproofing and internal dewatering an Exterior and Internal waterproofing experts, recommends you call on a formwork specialist for the building of a foundation wall. That way you ensure this task is done professionally, so your walls will be solid and straight. “A good contractor will use panels designed to withstand the pressure of

Basement Waterproofing

Even if your home is built on relatively dry soil, there will be times, during heavy rains or spring thaw, when there will be increased water in the ground, and increased chance of leaks through your basement walls. As soon as water leaks into your basement, you have a problem. Water can seriously damage your […]

Waterproofing in Toronto

Basement waterproofing should begin outside your Toronto home. Look for areas that contribute to the collection of water next to your foundation. Fill low areas so water flows away from your foundation. Check gutters for debris, and downspouts should extend at least 8 feet from the house. Service walks that settled and slope back to […]

Contractors in Toronto

For a basement to be absolutely waterproof, it needs to have protection by a qualified contractor against sub-surface water for all of the below-grade walls, sealing a wall on the inside traps water within the wall and actually speeds up the deterioration of the wall, which could lead to foundation walls bowing and serious structural […]

Basement Water Proofing

Basement leaks happen too often. If you are a homeowner and haven’t had to deal with a leaking basement, you should consider yourself lucky. Even in the best built homes, cracks in basement and foundation walls will eventually form. There is moisture in the soil outside your basement walls. Some homes are built over very […]