Foundation repairs in your home? – 3 Red FLAGS

Being mindful of the condition your foundation is in can be very beneficial for both new and older homes. The foundation holds the weight of your entire home, but over time your property begins to age and settle causing foundation shifts. Once this happens your foundation will become susceptible to rain and other weather elements causing cracks, water seepage, and basement floods. In this article the waterproofers at ACCL Waterproofing will go over the top 3 red flags that your foundation is in trouble!

1.Doors and windows:

Have you noticed any windows that are difficult to open or shut? do any of the doors stick, or don’t fit perfectly into their frames? REMEMBER all doors and windows are designed to fit inside their frame and should neither be to tight or loose. When you notice he signs of your windows and doors becoming uneven or difficult to open/shut it could be a sign of a weakening foundation.

2.  Cracks:

A clear indication of foundation problems is visible foundation cracks. Repairing cracks is of the utmost importance. If a crack leaks once, then more than likely it will leak again and again after every rainfall causing wet leaky basements and floods. If you notice cracks it can be a huge cause for concern. Your homes foundation is critical to your home’s infrastructure therefore it should never have signs of cracks, crumbing foundation, water leakage, or moisture. If you ignore the signs and symptoms of cracks and water leaks in your home, it will only cause costly repairs and more damage to your property.

red flags foundation

3. Drainage:

Looking around the exterior and interior of your home to check for drainage issues such as unusual dry or wet spots that should have been caused by a recent rainfall can be a sign your grade is uneven.  Does the slope and grading of your yard cause the water to run toward your home’s foundation? Have you noticed wet spots in your basement ?  if so, your home could be more susceptible to water, which often leads to foundation damage.


Have you noticed the 3 top red flags listed above during your inspection? or are not sure how to spot the signs? 

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