Crack Repair

Cracks in concrete walls are not unusual, they can be found in almost all residential foundations. They are often caused by construction, accidents, settling of the house, uneven moisture around foundation, poor drainage, hydrostatic water pressure or just a natural expansion and contraction caused by fluctuating temperatures.

Most of these cracks are not serious enough to cause leaks. Others, though they may look small, can penetrate through the thickness of the wall and allow water to enter your basement. When that happens, you need to repair these leaking cracks if you want to keep water out of your basement. A simple basement wall repair will fix most of these cracks.

Crack repair

Type of Basement Wall Cracks

Hairline Cracks: Most foundation cracks will appear within the first year of being built. Common wall cracks do not pose any structural concerns, or failure of foundation. The biggest problem with these is water leakage.

Vertical Cracks: Typical foundation cracks run vertically or at an angle, this is caused by the shrinking of the concrete as it cures, this is true with settlement.

Horizontal Cracks: If the crack is at the mid-point of the wall, it is subject to lateral pressure, causing the wall to bow and damage the wall structurally.

Crack repair

Polyurethane injection

Polyurethane injection sealers are especially formulated for concrete repair and are highly popular today due to the flexibility it offers. It expands upon contact filling the crack completely. As the foundation continues to shift, the polyurethane remains flexible, thus stopping the leak and ensuring that there is no water leakage in the future.

Foundation concrete crack repair is done from the inside, making digging from the outside unnecessary. The holes are drilled along the crack through the soil and the polyurethane sealer is then injected. Unlike other surface repairs, the injected polymers are not exposed to weathering, traffic, or ultraviolet rays.

Most importantly, injection of the cracks will prevent expensive repairs and problems in the future. Potential damage done by water leaks to the finished basement or cost of repairing concrete walls caused by corrosion show the clear advantages of permanent crack repair.