Contractors in Toronto

For a basement to be absolutely waterproof, it needs to have protection by a qualified contractor against sub-surface water for all of the below-grade walls, sealing a wall on the inside traps water within the wall and actually speeds up the deterioration of the wall, which could lead to foundation walls bowing and serious structural damage.

Water concealed below grade can get under the footings in a foundation, and destabilize the structural integrity of your home or business. This can lead to cracked foundation walls and footings, and very costly repairs.

Standing water and heavy moisture can lead to an infestation of mould, mildew and fungus on the joists, studs and sheetrock in the basement, not only can mould lead to wood-rot and costly repairs, it can be quite damaging to your health.

For this kind of project you need to hire a well qualified contractor in the Toronto area.