Basement Foundation waterproofing options

Basement waterproofing options

Waterproofing the exterior of a foundation completely eliminates water and moisture penetration through the walls into a basement. For a basement to be absolutely waterproof, it needs to have wet basement waterproofing protection from sub-surface water for all of the below-grade foundation walls, sometimes this may also include above grade foundation walls, where there is visible foundation crack.




Alternatively, in areas of restricted access, Internal dewatering, also called internal foundation waterproofing of basement may be used to control the problems of water on basement floor.
All of this protection must span from grade level down to the foundation footing or a depth deeper than the basement floor. The important difference is in the materials used to waterproof the walls. Most companies are using tar — the same sealant that was being used 40 years ago.

Tar is not waterproofing; it is damp-proofing. Tar cannot expand and bridge future cracking. Tar very quickly loses it’s elasticity and cracks. With the seal compromised, the whole process leading to water penetration and structural deterioration begins.

Within the exterior basement waterproofing & foundation repair of Toronto Ontario, ACCL Waterproofing utilizes today’s most advanced waterproofing materials to apply a superior multi-layer foundation seal that permanently eliminates water penetration.

If you require a professionally waterproofed basement, for concrete slab on grade or below grade, or if you need to waterproof your Wet basement foundation, or foundation crack repair, please do not hesitate to contact the # 1 wet basement contractor in Ontario, at Or call us at 416-619-5355, 905-448-5909, 1-866-701-8484.

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