Does Your Toronto Home Have Mould Problems?

Does Your Toronto Home Have Mould Problems?

Toronto homes that have mould and mildew come with a lot of misconceptions. Mould and mildew can be an unseen problem in your home and is found in virtually every environment. Moulds can be detected indoors and outdoors all year. They grow best in damp, warm, dimly lit and humid conditions. Seeing mould in your […]

Autumn Maintenance | Ensuring a leak free basement this spring

Autumn Maintenance | Ensuring a leak free basement this spring Autumn also known as the fall season is less then a week away! With this is mind, if your like most homeowners your probably concerned about a wet leaky basement. Not only do all the trees start loosing their leaves but the weather also tends […]

Foundation repairs in your home? – 3 Red FLAGS

Being mindful of the condition your foundation is in can be very beneficial for both new and older homes. The foundation holds the weight of your entire home, but over time your property begins to age and settle causing foundation shifts. Once this happens your foundation will become susceptible to rain and other weather elements […]

How do basements become wet?

Basements are one of the most vulnerable areas of the house that is susceptible to moisture, leaks, and condensation. Have you noticed cracks outside your foundation walls, or inside on the walls and floors? Or have you seen the signs of peeling paint, mold and mildew, and pooling of water on your basement floor? – […]

Wet Basement? – 4 Common Ways Water Can Get Into Your Home

One of the biggest challenges we face during storms and unpredictable weather patterns here in Ontario is keeping our basement dry. Generally, in many cases, we end up dealing with the after affects of a damp, moist, and a wet leaky basement. If proactive measures are taken, health risks, loss, home damages, and wet leaky […]